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What is your favorite Nintendo game?

We all have one. That one particular video game from your childhood that always makes you smile everytime you think about it. That one game that brings back great memories of gaming with your friends or family. 

Mine definitely would have to be the original Legend of Zelda. I know it seems like a pretty obvious choice, but trust me, there are some very specific reasons for that choice. How many people can say they got to play video games with their grandmothers back in the 80’s? I certainly can. Not only did she play the Legend of Zelda with me, but if I ever reached a particular level that I just could not seem to conquer, she would actually sit all day while I was at school and play the game until finally beating the particular boss that had been causing me so much anguish. She would always make sure to quickly pause the game so it would be ready and waiting for me that afternoon. I mean, come on, who wouldn’t have fond memories of a game that is connected to something like that?

What is your favorite Nintendo game, and why? We would love to hear what you have to say. Please comment on this article to let us know. 


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