Women's Sunglasses

You are sure to find something you will love from our collection of beautiful and stylish  women's sunglasses. Whether you are looking for metal sunglasses, wood sunglasses, or a combination of the two, we have them all. Our featured sunglasses by Bobo Bird will certainly be sure to impress. These wooden sunglasses are not only practical eye-wear, they are beautiful pieces of art as well. Bobo Bird is a company that is committed to providing it's customers with the highest quality natural, stylish, and unique wooden watches and sunglasses. All Bobo Bird watches and sunglasses are made of recycled and reclaimed maple, bamboo, and sandalwood, because they are a company committed to minimizing their impact on the environment.

Our collection of wood and metal eye-wear by TommyOwens will also certainly impress. As they say, "You wouldn’t know it, but behind our frames are dysfunctional artists, unapologetically indecisive with what we create. We can NEVER make up our minds and we don’t ever get it right the first time. So rather than waste our energy, we embrace our own crazy and instead make small batches of greatness. And we hope you love them like we do." You will also fall in love with the lifetime warranty they offer, as well.

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