Mini Portable Smart Phone Screen Projector


Enjoy the convenience of a movie projector anytime, anywhere! Any video or movie you play on your phone can be projected onto the wall, like a small home theater.
The Phone 2.0 projector includes a projector box, a magnifying lens, and can be easily assembled and ready to go within minutes.

For Best Results:

  • Turn your phone screen brightness to 100%
  • Project on a white wall or projector screen
  • Use in a dark room with no windows, or with the curtains completely drawn
  • If your movie or video is projecting upside down, simply turn your phone over and place it back into the projector. 
  • Android phone users: you can download "Ultimate Rotation Control" software from the Google Play Store, in order to control your screen rotation
  • iPhone users: screen rotation can be adjusted through Settings - universal - accessibility - assistive Touch - device - rotation - left/right row


  • Material: Cardboard
  • Weight:430g

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